To Get Certified

To be certified with the CHC each applicant must

  1. Fulfill all Prerequisites
  2. Complete the Application Process as outlined below
  3. Pay the required examination fees
  4. Pass the CHC examinations (Objective, Fill-in, and Case Analyses)
  5. Submit 5 Clinical Cases ( Case Submission Guidelines )
  6. Pass an oral interview

Application Process

The Process to apply for CHC certification begins with completing and submitting the online Application form. Once the application has been submitted online, the applicant is responsible for mailing the following to the CHC office

  1. Copy of signed online application
  2. Copy of all transcripts, course certificates for homeopathic training and medical courses
  3. Appropriate exam fees
  4. Completed proctor agreement (this can be submitted after application has been approved)

If you are applying to retake the exam, download the retake application and send it with the appropriate exam fees.

The application and documents will be reviewed and applicant will be notified if application has been approved or if additional information is required. NO APPLICATION WILL BE REVIEWED UNTIL THE ABOVE ITEMS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED AT THE CHC OFFICE.

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