****Please Note*****

Annual Recertification Packets

The CHC will mail packets to all CCH practitioners, in good standing, the week of October 26th.  Only complete Recertification Applications will be processed.  You must:

  • Complete and sign the application form
  • Submit copies of CE documents and the completed CEU form
  • Include payment by check or credit card only and
  • Return by November 30, 2015 via regular mail to the CHC address as listed in the packet.

All documents and payment must be submitted together in order to be processed.



October 2015 examinees Please Note

You will receive your test results within 6-8 weeks.  Any inquiries regarding test results will be answered after December 4, 2015.



How do I apply?
If you meet the education requirements, you start the application process by completing the electronic application form.  You must then submit your training documentation and payment in order for your application to be processed.

What school programs qualify for CHC training hours?
We are sometimes asked what programs will be suitable for our prerequisites for homeopathic education. The CHC does not evaluate training programs; we certify homeopaths. However, the program that you choose should offer sequential, foundational training. We recommend that you choose programs that have been independently accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA.org), although this is not a requirement until 2018.

Do I have to have all of my clinical training completed, including the 10 supervised cases, in order to apply to take the exam?
No.  You only have to have 500 hours of homeopathic training, and the Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology courses completed in order to take the exam.  You will need to have all of the clinical training completed in order to submit your 5 chronic cases for review.

I am looking for a supervisor, does he/she have to be certified to be acceptable?
Yes.  All supervisors must be certified by the CHC, the HANP, or the ABHt, and be in good standing in order to qualify.  Even if you are enrolled in a school program, it is your responsibility to make sure the person who is doing your supervision is certified.

Can I take the CHC certification exam if I live outside of North America?
No. At this time we only offer the certification exam for those individuals residing in the US and Canada.

I am looking for a teaching or clinical position as a homeopath. Can the CHC help me find one or refer me to someone who can?
No. The CHC does not have any information about work situations for homeopaths.

I am interested in coming to the U.S. or Canada to practice. Can the CHC help me with immigration questions or visa questions? Will having CHC certification entitle me to work in the US legally?
No. The CHC does not have any information about immigration or visas, and the CHC certification does not grant any licensure or right to work in the US or Canada. The certification is a credential attesting to homeopathic competence, and is separate from any legal requirements regarding work and licensure.

If I was certified this year, do I need to send in the renewal/re-certification information at the end of the year?
Yes.  If you were certified this year, you will still need to sign and return the re-certification documents and pay the fee.  You do not, however, have to have continuing education documentation for the year in which you were certified.

Can I take the exam sections in any order I choose?

No.  Due to security reasons, the exam must be taken in the order listed in the Exam Handbook and the proctor instructor sheet sent with the exam packet.

How many times can I retake the exam if I continue to fail?
There is no limit to the number of times you can retake an exam section.