The Certification Prep Study Guide

Published for the Council for Homeopathic Certification in association with The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP), The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and The Homeopathic Nurses Association (HNA)

Gain confidence to pass the homeopathic certification exam!
When you begin to prepare for the Homeopathic Certification Exam, save yourself valuable time and energy with this outstanding new study guide!

Understand the certification process
This handy guide contains everything you need to understand the full certification process, with detailed presentation of what is covered and each step you need to complete along the way. A reference list of texts, remedies and competencies tested is included.

Assure your success with a study plan
Use the six-week study guide with specific suggestions on how to study materia medica, philosophy and repertory. Each week's activities are outlined, along with recommendations to make your study time more effective.

Evaluate your readiness
The book contains a scaled-down sample exam with dozens of questions in philosophy, materia medica, health sciences, repertory, and case analysis along with answers and explanations. Suggestions are given on writing effective essays. Example case essays show successful and unsuccessful response to a sample exam case. You can test yourself!

Submit well written case
A full chapter is devoted to demonstrating the differences between well written and flawed cases, so that you will be ready to effectively present five cases of your own work. See the detailed differences that show a case as accurately perceived and well presented with clear explanation of thought process.

In addition to preparing for the certification exam, this book merits inclusion in every homeopathy student's library. It helps target training needs, and teaches test taking strategies and study techniques. Most importantly, it assists the student in refining critical thinking skills regarding case analysis and presentation that will be helpful in many school programs.

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The retail price is $45.