****Please Note*****

Annual Recertification Packets

The CHC will mail packets to all CCH practitioners, in good standing, the week of October 26th.  Only complete Recertification Applications will be processed.  You must:

  • Complete and sign the application form
  • Submit copies of CE documents and the completed CEU form
  • Include payment by check or credit card only and
  • Return by November 30, 2015 via regular mail to the CHC address as listed in the packet.

All documents and payment must be submitted together in order to be processed.



October 2015 examinees Please Note

You will receive your test results within 6-8 weeks.  Any inquiries regarding test results will be answered after December 4, 2015.



The prerequisites to apply for the examination include the following 5 requirements.

  1. Residency: The CHC requires that the applicant is currently a resident of the USA or Canada.
  2. Classical Homeopath: The CHC certifies practitioners who use classical homeopathy, which includes a broad range of practice and case analysis styles currently used in North America. Practitioners who use polypharmacy, sequential therapy, or remedy selection through use of mechanical devices, such as Voll machines or applied kinesiology, will not be eligible to apply for CHC certification. The CHC does not judge the efficacy of these other approaches, and does not certify them.
  3. Basic Homeopathic Education: The CHC requires a minimum of 500 hours of homeopathic training in order for applicants to qualify to take the exam. This can come from a single school or from a variety of different programs. There is no specific content or numbers of hours allocated to be devoted to any given subject. A maximum of 10% (50 hours) can come from seminars, conferences, or real-time webinars.  Independent study hours and leading study groups are not acceptable.
  4. Medical Education: The CHC requires completion of Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology and Disease courses taken at an accredited college, or as part of a homeopathic school program, with a minimum of 3 -5 credits or a minimum of 33 hours of lecture time.
  5. Clinical Education (Before the supervised cases are submitted but not necessary for the initial exam process): There are 250 required and documented hours of clinical observation/ analysis plus an additional 10 formally supervised cases. If more than 10 supervised cases have been taken, each extra case is given 10 hours of credit for the initial case and 2 hours of credit for each follow up. Supervision work done through Homeopathic Symposium and Virtual Clinic are given 5 hours of credit per chronic case. Extra supervised cases can be substituted for equal numbers of observation/analysis hours.
The observation hours should come from a formal clinical situation e.g. school clinics or observation of practitioners.

The 10 cases should include the intake and 2 follow up appointments, which are supervised by a qualified practitioner. A qualified practitioner is a certified homeopath in good standing, certified through the CHC, the HANP, or the AIH. Please contact the CHC if you are not sure that your supervisor meets this criteria.  Evidence of this requirement is needed from the supervisor/school.
These cases are not required to be turned into the CHC, only evidence of supervision. These cases are not acceptable to be used as the applicant’s five submitted cases. The five submitted cases need to be independently taken without supervision.

This Clinical Education prerequisite is required prior to submission of the applicant’s 5 cases, which happens once the examination has been passed. This is not required to be submitted in order to take the initial exam process.