****Please Note*****

Annual Recertification Packets

The CHC will mail packets to all CCH practitioners, in good standing, the week of October 26th.  Only complete Recertification Applications will be processed.  You must:

  • Complete and sign the application form
  • Submit copies of CE documents and the completed CEU form
  • Include payment by check or credit card only and
  • Return by November 30, 2015 via regular mail to the CHC address as listed in the packet.

All documents and payment must be submitted together in order to be processed.



October 2015 examinees Please Note

You will receive your test results within 6-8 weeks.  Any inquiries regarding test results will be answered after December 4, 2015.


About Certification

Application for the Exam

The first step in the certification process is the completion of the application. The electronic application must be submitted on-line and a copy, with supporting documentation and payment must be submitted to the CHC office.  In addition to the application form, candidates must submit proof of training via certificates of attendance, transcripts or documentation of mentoring. It is important that the candidate show the total number of hours of training completed to facilitate the application review process. Documentation of completion of anatomy /physiology and pathology are also required at the time the application is submitted. A signed Proctor Agreement is also required. Finally, some form of payment (credit card or check in US funds) must be submitted with the application; current fees are listed on the website. Applications are due at least 6 weeks prior to each exam; the specific dates for exams and application deadlines are posted on the website.

Candidates should locate a proctor in their own area so that the exam can be taken locally; it is the candidate’s responsibility to find an acceptable proctor and pay any associated proctoring fee. The proctor must be a professional proctoring agency such as a local library system, university or community college testing center, or educational coaching facility such as a Sylvan Learning Center or the Tutoring Club.   Proctors cannot be associated with homeopathy in any way.  Have the proctor complete and sign the Proctor Agreement.

About the Exam

Phase 1 of the certification process is the theoretical exam. This exam tests theoretical and factual knowledge about homeopathy and its use, and about medical sciences. This exam is given in 4 sections: homeopathic theory and philosophy; materia medica; repertory; and medical sciences. The medical sciences portion of the exam is not required for candidates who have current medical licensure as a primary health care provider (i.e. M.D., R.N., F.N.P., D.D.S, N.D., etc) in the state or province where they practice.

Phase 2 is the practical exam. This is a 2 hour exam with two written cases to be analyzed. Short answer questions are answered for each case. For this exam, the candidate can use any book or computer reference material or software, however, no internet access is allowed. After completion of both exam phases and documentation of the clinical training has been submitted, the candidate submits 5 cases of his or her own work for review (see submitted case guidelines). Once these are approved, an oral interview is scheduled. Following successful completion of the interview, the candidate becomes certified.