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Fort Worth
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Maureen Hanson has been using homeopathic medicines since 1989 when she was searching for answers for her children’s health issues. After raising her 7 children using homeopathy as her main method for their health care, she went back to school in 2018 to learn from George Vithoulkas at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. She has been a member of The Texas Society of Homeopathy since 1997 and has been a board member and has held several leadership positions, attending the annual conference almost every year and assisting to plan the conferences.

She participated in Homeopathy on the Hill in 2019 traveling to Washington D.C. to support Americans for Homeopathy Choice. She has been active in her community, church and children’s schools.

Maureen is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in Business so that she could have the knowledge to run any business she may be involved. She operated a computer business for 20 years with her husband, had a dance studio for 10.5 years and is currently a caregiver for elderly clients after taking care of her parents for 2 years in their home. After her youngest child graduated from high school she was able to finally realize her dream to return to school to study homeopathy. By being a caregiver, it has given her the freedom to study homeopathy for the last 5 years at IACH and a post-graduate course with Allen College of Homeopathy from England/India. She is ready to continue her ministry to assist others in achieving better health with homeopathy.
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