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I have written different versions of this bio over the years of my homeopathic career. I am now in my elder years and the university I went to is not as of great importance as the life experience I have accumulated and my years of experience as a practitioner of homeopathy.

I have gone through many stages in my personal evolution, just as homeopathy has. I began my studies of homeopathy in 1983, shortly after my daughter was born. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the necessity of bringing my daughter to health was the driving force of my desire to become a good homeopath. Early on I became suspicious of Western medicine, due to my daughter’s vaccine injury. I am proud to say that my daughter is now a homeopath and has two daughters of her own.

I came into this life with challenges, my children came into this life with challenges, my grandchildren and my parents also did. I believed that homeopathy was the best tool to meet those challenges, and promote healing and growth for my family, my extended family, and my planetary family

For the first seventeen years of my homeopathic practice I hand repertorized all my cases. This was a long and tedious process, but I appreciate having had that experience. Now I repertorize using homeopathic software. As homeopathy grew in sophistication, so did I.

I also followed the various trends, schools of thought and methodologies that came and went, or arose and remained, in homeopathy. After years of exploring all of this, I settled into what works for me. I understood that to approach homeopathy purely from the mind and intellect, leaves the heart and intuition out. Both of these have to be integrated. The world is spiritual, the world is holy, this science is holy. I needed to improve myself as a human being, develop my spiritual side, and integrate all these facets of myself and of the science of homeopathy to come to my fullness as a practitioner and to be able to evoke healing in others.

Now I work with a constant partner who is one with me. I call this partner Atman or the Inner Teacher. I do the intellectual and analytical work, but I always leave the final decision of the remedy prescription, potency selection, and all other matters to this innate higher power.

In my earlier years of practice, I was always terrified. Later I understood that this was an appropriate response. I had yet to discover my Inner Teacher, so I was trying to do this enormous task of healing people with homeopathy all by myself, relying solely on my mind and intellect. Of course it was a daunting task and I was not equal to it, hence the anticipatory and performance anxiety when I was to see a client. I still have that a little bit, but it is a small fraction of what I felt before.

Now I am in my sixties. I have outlived two husbands, raised three children on homeopathy, and enjoy being a grandmother to my grandchildren.

Here is a little bit about my education. I got my B.A. from Barnard College/Columbia University when I was 20 years old. I got interested in homeopathy at the age of 25. At that time I was living in New York City and attended courses from many visiting homeopaths from around the world, such as Dr. Roger Morrison, Dr. Sheilagh Creasy, George Vithoulkas, Vega Rozenberg, Robert Stewart and others. I attended the three year homeopathy course called ESSH that Vega Rozenberg and Robert Stewart taught in Manhattan in the 1980s. I moved to California with my family in 1990. I was very fortunate to apprentice and then later work for Randall Neustaedter, who taught me a lot about running a homeopathic private practice. In 1993 I sat in the first class of applicants for the CHC exam, and then I could put a few letters after my name to indicate that I had an acknowledged profession. All of this, of course, was just the beginning of my education. Now 42 years later, I still consider myself a beginner, but my passion and love for learning, and my awe of this wonderful superb healing art has not faded in the least.

I am a Classical Homeopath, a Hahnemannian and Kentian Homeopath. I prescribe one remedy at a time. I am careful, intuitive and I work with love.
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