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Rachel Koppelman, CCH, is a homeopath based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. A longtime healing arts practitioner, Rachel has a background in nutritional therapy, herbalism, massage and craniosacral therapy.

Raised in a medical family, Rachel has had a longstanding interest in health, healing, and wellness. She answered the call to become a homeopath after homeopathy saved her life: she experienced a life-threatening case of asthma while pregnant with her son, which was completely reversed with a couple of doses of a remedy, and has never returned. Rachel started formal homeopathy training when her son was a toddler, studying at 3 homeopathy schools, and graduating from the full-time program at the Academy of Homeopathy Education.

She is passionately driven by a desire to help people heal from complex, chronic illness. Her practice has evolved to serve sensitive people who struggle with chronic illness. In tandem with homeopathy, Rachel works with nutrition and other holistic modalities to help clients achieve full-spectrum, comprehensive healing.

Rachel volunteered with a busy homeopathy helpline for about a year, first as an administrator, and then as a practitioner. She maintains a private practice in Leeds, Massachusetts, where she also stewards a 40-acre forest, along with her partner and now 11-year-old son.

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