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Pre-Qualification Evaluation

Process for Applicants 2019 and Prior

Thank you for your interest in the Pre-Qualification Evaluation process. This process is open to all graduates from a homeopathy program who graduated in 2019 and prior.

Application Requirements
The following items are required for your application for pre-qualification to take the CHC Exam. Please confirm that all of the items are included in your packet for pre-qualification.

Submission of documentation does not imply eligibility to take the exam. At the discretion of the Committee, additional documentation may be requested.

1. Completed application
2. Transcripts (see Section 4)
3. School catalog/course descriptions or syllabi
4. Clinical documentation
5. $75 Non-refundable Fee
6. If approved, apply for CHC Exam which includes application, fee and scheduling exam


Because of the need for the review committee to make a determination in a timely manner, all
supporting documentation must be submitted by February 28th for the April exam cycle, and
August 31st for the October exam cycle.


*Please note the exam is only offered in the US or Canada

Pre-Qualification Pathway

There are 5 options for meeting pre-qualification requirements for the CHC Exam. They are listed below:

  • 1000 hrs (500 foundations, 500 clinic) from a non-accredited school. Transcript verifying.

  • 750 hrs from a non-accredited school (500 foundations, 250 clinic) Transcript verifying + 250 documented cases from one’s own practice. See below

  • 500 hrs from a non-accredited school (foundations only) Transcript verifying + 250 hrs of observation and 250 hours supervised clinical practice from a CHC certified supervisor (logged and signed).

  • 500 hrs from a non-accredited school (foundations only) Transcript verifying + 250 hrs observation (verified) + 250 case hours from one’s own practice.

  • 500 hrs from a non-accredited school (foundations only) Transcript verifying+ 500 case hours from one’s own practice (names redacted).


Didactic/Foundations Requirements

A comprehensive, cohesive, developmental program in classical homeopathy completed in 2019 or prior and consisting of a minimum of 500 hours of study that addresses:

  • The Foundations, History and Theory of Classical Homeopathy

  • Materia Medica

  • Repertory

  • Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Homeopathic Case Taking

  • Homeopathic Case Analysis

  • Posology

  • Follow-up and Case Management


Transcripts from the educational institution(s) accompanied by school catalog/course descriptions/course outlines or syllabi are required.  Certificates from individual courses/seminars are not accepted.


Clinical Training

Both portions of clinical training must be documented.  Clinical training is roughly divided into the two parts:

Part I: 250 hours of documented Clinical Observation.  Clinical observation must be:

  • Completed as part of formal training at a school*

  • Documented by transcripts

  • Completed through a CHC Certified Supervisor

  • Observation log and/or letter listing the number of hours and signed by a Supervisor or Licensed Homeopath (e.g. BHMS)

Part II: 250 hours of Clinical Analysis. Clinical Analysis must be:

  • Completed as part of formal training at a school*

  • Documented by transcripts completed through a CHC Certified Supervisor Case Log, Initial Intake and Follow-Ups

  • Signed by Supervisor

Please see clinical log https://49758f8e-d4a3-41b5-af47-

*Clinical Experience Completed Through Own Practice


If the clinical observation and analysis hours were not met through a homeopathic school program or through supervision by a certified homeopath, or if the total hours in either Part I or Part II have not been fully met, experience from one’s own homeopathic practice may be used to meet the clinical experience requirement.

Verification of Own Practice

If no observation hours have been documented, all 500 hours of clinical experience may be met through verification of one’s own practice.  Each 10-Hour Intake or Follow-Up = 2 hours.  To earn credit follow the steps below to submit notes for each Intake or Follow-Up: 

  1. Can be handwritten or typed but must be scanned and submitted electronically

  2. Must include number of pages per case

  3. Must have client name and other identifying information redacted

  4. Electronic files must be labeled as "Intake" or "Follow-Up" 

  5. Save all "Intake" and "Follow-Up" files into 1 pdf file, labeled as "First Name Last Name" for upload


Completed Health Sciences courses not included in the previous 500 hours of Foundations Education (Anatomy/Physiology and Human Pathology may have been completed separately)

Pre-Qualification Evaluation Form Instructions

Instructions for Applicants 2019 and Prior


Step One: Submit payment

Applications will be reviewed after payment is received.  Please click the Pay Now button below to submit payment:



Please make note of your receipt # after your payment is completed, as it will need to be entered in the next step for verification purpose.


Step Two: Complete the Pre-Qualification Evaluation Form

After submitting your payment, please fill in the required fields, upload required documents, then click Submit Application.  If you have any questions during this process, please contact us at

Pre-Qualification Evaluation Form

Form for Applicants 2019 and Prior

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your application.Please also remember to submit payment.

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