Pre-Qualification Evaluation Application Instructions

Instructions for Applicants Who Studied at

Non-Accredited ACHENA Schools Outside of the USA or Canada 


Step One: Submit Payment

Applications will be reviewed after payment of $75 USD is received.  Please follow the link below to submit payment:

Please make note of your receipt # after your payment is completed as it will need to be entered in the next step for verification purpose.


Step Two: Complete the Pre-Qualification Evaluation Application

After submitting your payment, please note your receipt # which will be required on the following application. Please read the instructions below, fill in the required fields, upload required documents, then click Submit Application.  If you have any questions during this process, please contact us at

Pre-Qualification Evaluation Application

For Applicants Who Studied at

Non-Accredited ACHENA or CHO Schools Outside of the USA or Canada

Thank you for your interest in the Pre-Qualification Evaluation process. This process is open to all graduates who studied at non-accredited ACHENA or CHO schools outside the US or Canada who meet the CHC curricular requirements and the following:


The homeopathy schools from which applicants graduated must also meet one of the following requirements:

  • The homeopathy school is approved by a foreign government’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or equivalent agency.

  • The homeopathy school is approved by a private accreditation agency with standards that are comparable to those of ACHENA and are recognized for that purpose by the respective government entity.


Application requirements

The following items are required to apply for application for pre-qualification to take the CHC Exam. Please confirm that all of the items are submitted as part of your application. Submission of documentation does not imply eligibility to take the exam. At the discretion of the PQE Committee, additional documentation may be requested.


  1. Completed application

  2. Transcripts

  3. Government license, registration (individual) or accreditation proof for the school.

  4. $75 Non-refundable Fee

If approved by the PQE Committee, the next step is to apply to take CHC Examination which includes completing an application (US $35 USD), paying the test fee ($500 USD) and scheduling the exam.

Because of the need for the review PQE Committee to make a determination in a timely manner, all supporting documentation must be submitted by January 31st for the April exam cycle, and August 31st for the October exam cycle.

*Please note the exam must be taken in the US or Canada*

Required Documentation

Transcripts from the educational institution(s) accompanied by school catalog/course descriptions/course outlines or syllabi.

I. Foundations Requirements

A comprehensive, cohesive, developmental program in classical homeopathy consisting of a minimum of 500 hours of study that addresses:

  • The Foundations, History and Theory of Classical Homeopathy

  • Materia Medica

  • Repertory

  • Ethics and Professional Practice

  • Homeopathic Case Taking

  • Homeopathic Case Analysis

  • Posology

  • Follow-up and Case Management

Certificates from individual courses/seminars (except Health Science courses) are not accepted.

II. Clinical Training

A minimum of 500 hours in clinical observation and analysis must be documented in the course of study by a qualified homeopath. A minimum 140 hours of the 500 hours of clinical observation and analysis must document one-on-one supervision of the applicant by a qualified homeopath. The 140 hours must have included independent cases taken and analyzed by the applicant with appropriate follow-ups that were supervised by a qualified homeopath.

III. Health Sciences

In addition to the 1000 hours of homeopathic study and clinical work, a college-level course in Human Anatomy and Physiology, and a college-level course in Human Pathology are required. 

Exam Content

Information on the content addressed in the CHC Certification Exam may be found in the CHC Certification Handbook.

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Thank you for submitting your application.Please remember to also submit payment.