The CHC Certification process spans two phases: Examination and Orientation. Applicants who apply for the CHC exam prior to 2020 have two years after passing the exam to complete remaining required clinical training. 2020 and beyond applicants must complete all required clinical training prior to applying for the exam. 

Pre-2020 Applicants

Pre-2020 Applicants who pass the exam are considered Candidates for certification. The CCH(Cand) designation is awarded, and Candidates pay semi-annual fees (in April and October each year) to maintain candidate status until all  

clinical training requirements are met. 

2020+ Applicants

2020 and beyond Applicants who pass the exam are eligible for certification after completing the CHC Orientation. When the exam cycle month ends and exam scores are verified, Candidates ready for CHC Orientation receive a scheduling invitation email within two weeks. 

CHC Orientation

Trained CHC Orientation Discussion Guides conduct this informal wrap-up phase of the certification process. During a 30-45 minute phone call, certification-ready candidates learn more about certification and recertification. 


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