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CHC Exam Eligibility Requirements


English Proficiency:

  • Proficiency in both oral and written English is required.

  • No extra time accommodations are provided for limited English proficiency.

  • An English language proficiency test is not mandatory.


Requirements for U.S. Graduates:

  • Completion of a minimum of 500 hours of theory and foundations of homeopathy from an ACHENA accredited program.

  • 500 hours of clinical training from an ACHENA accredited program, including at least 10 independently managed chronic cases with two follow-ups each, supervised by a CCH, DHANP, or DHt Certified Supervisor.

  • Successful completion of college-level courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Human Pathology.

  • Compliance with required attestations, including Fitness to Practice and ethical standards detailed in the CHC’s Code of Professional Ethics and CHC Client Healthcare Rights.

Requirements for International Graduates:

  • Graduates from international homeopathy schools must be verified by the CHC Pre- Qualification Evaluation Committee (PQE) for eligibility.

  • Transcripts, homeopathic licenses, or supplemental documents must demonstrate:

    § 500 hours of classical homeopathic foundations.

    § 500 hours of clinical work.

    § Successful completion of college-level courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Human Pathology.

  • The homeopathy school must be approved by a foreign government’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, or equivalent agency,


    Approved by a private accreditation agency with standards comparable to those of ACHENA and recognized by the respective government entity.

  • Applicants may be asked to verify their education through evaluation services like AACRAO, ECE, or WES.

  • Individuals whose education does not meet CHC eligibility requirements may be required to complete additional training.

Program Content Requirements 

Transcripts must document content that meets ACHENA curricular standards and CHC Exam eligibility requirements. Eligibility will be determined by the PQE Committee.  The curriculum must include:


  1. Foundation Requirements

   At a minimum, the curriculum of study in classical homeopathy must include 500 hours of study in the     

   foundations of homeopathy (Historical and Theoretical Aspects of Classical Homeopathy, Materia Medica,       

   Repertory, Health Science, Homeopathic Case Taking, Initial Homeopathic Case Analysis, Posology, Follow-up

   and Case Management) from a school of homeopathy. 

  2. Clinical Training Requirements

  A minimum of 500 hours in clinical observation and analysis must be documented by a qualified homeopath.

  A minimum 140 hours of the 500 hours of clinical observation and analysis must document one-on-one supervision

  of the applicant by a qualified homeopath.

  The 140 hours must have included independent cases taken and analyzed by the applicant with appropriate 

  follow-ups that were supervised by a qualified homeopath.

   3. Health Sciences

    In addition to the 1000 hours of homeopathic study, a college-level course in human anatomy and physiology

    and a college-level course in human pathology are required.

Transcripts in a Language other than English

Transcripts which were issued in a language other than English must be submitted with an English language evaluation report of all applicable transcripts by a credential evaluation service such as American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (, Educational Credential Evaluators (, or World Educational Services (

Additional coursework, clinical training, and/or supervision may be required based on the evaluation received from the service.


Reciprocal Agreements

The CHC does not have reciprocal agreements with any homeopathic certifying, licensing or registering organizations within or outside of the United States or Canada. All applicants who have been educated in non-accredited ACHENA or CHO schools outside the US or Canada must meet all requirements for qualifying to take the CHC exam.

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