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Each CHC certificant represents the homeopathic profession in the eyes of the public and is expected to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct as described in the CHC Code of Professional Ethics and the CHC Client Healthcare Rights. Anyone who believes he or she has a valid complaint regarding a CHC certified homeopath must complete a Professional Ethics Complaint and submit it via email ( or mail to the CHC office at the address below.

Following receipt of the complaint, a member of the Standards and Ethics Committee informs the complainant in writing (through postal or email correspondence) within 10 days that the complaint has been received and requests an interview to discuss the nature and veracity of the complaint. The Standards and Ethics Committee notifies all parties concerned, conducts interviews and thoroughly investigates each complaint received.


Council for Homeopathic Certification

ATTN: Standards and Ethics Committee

PO Box 75

Chartley, MA 02712

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