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Homeopathic Professionalism: Elements Of Our Unique Identity As Homeopaths

July 2023 CCH Happy Hour: with David M. Shein, CCH

David Shein, a board-certified classical homeopath and graduate of the Academy of Homeopathy Education, shares his perspective and facilitates discussion on the topic of our unique identity as homoepathic practitioners among all practitioners of alternative medicine.

About David M. Shein, CCH

David M. Shein based in Rochester, NY, CCH founded Blackbird Homeopathy, LLC in 2019. Prior degrees include Philosophy, English, & Writing. He retired from 30 years of teaching in 2020. In 2021, he completed a five-week Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon Basin with the Ayahuasca Foundation. He has ongoing interests and studies in plant medicine, the character of homeopathic professionalism, jungle medicine, homeopathy and larger sustainable practices, and the metaphysicial implications of homeopathy for science.

Registration for this event has ended. Click here to watch the recording.


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