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Start Your Own Study Group!

October 2023 CCH Happy Hour with Abby Beale, CCH, RSHom(NA)

Join Abby Beale, CCH, RSHom(NA), past president of the National Center for Homeopathy and passionate homeopathic educator, to learn all about the world of study groups. There are many reasons for starting them, options for executing them, and benefits to your practice. If you currently run a study group, you will be encouraged to share your experience during the Q&A.

About Abby Beale, CCH, RSHom(NA)

For the past 25+ years, Abby Beale, CCH has been learning about and using homeopathy while enjoying educating others about its natural healing abilities and its simple holistic approach to health. Abby has studied, and continues to study, with many different schools, many different homeopaths that share many ways of practicing, and crediting her educational foundations to The New England School of Homeopathy with Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg. Her other career as a speed reading expert has proven instrumental in her homeopathic studies! Over a 25-year period, she volunteered on three non-profit boards including The Critical and Creative Thinking Center (Hartford, CT), the Wallingford CT Public Library and The National Center for Homeopathy. She served for two years as president on each board.

As a homeopath, Abby is very passionate about educating the public about homeopathy. While working with NCH, she chaired the education committee and oversaw the creation of a new beginner study guide with more than 30 volunteer contributors, editors and proofreaders. Though it was never published, she was allowed to use the draft document for her study groups with much success. She has since procured the rights to the material and is currently working on a revised version called Homeopathy Primer: Getting Started With Homeopathy with many of the same contributors.

Abby started her first in-person study group in 2018 which then morphed into online groups in 2020. She is excited to share with you the many reasons for starting them, the many options for executing them and the many benefits for your practice. At the end of Abby’s presentation, if you currently run a study group, you will be invited to share your experiences and thoughts that might help others get started.

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